Planning to host a charity event or fundraiser? Looking for a fun and creative way to help raise money and host a memorable event? Look no further. Mirror Me Photo Booth is the perfect addition to any charitable event that will not only help raise money but also leave guests with fun memories and a physical reminder of the occasion.

What it is

Mirror Me Photo Booth is a photo booth rental service company that caters to clients in Victoria, throughout Vancouver Island and beyond. We offer clients a variety of packages and booth options, from Magic Mirror to open-concept, as well as backdrop options ranging from gold-spangled to green screen. Every booth comes with a prop box and a friendly attendant, who will engage with guests and create a welcoming environment. After guests use the photo booth they will receive a photo strip (or strips, depending on the clients’ preference) displaying their photos as a souvenir.

Mirror Me Photo Booth Fundraiser Fun!
Just Touch the Mirror to Start!

How it Works

The photo booth is very simple to use and can be operated by guests of all ages. The guest(s) presses the start button on the touch-screen and pose for their pictures. After the guest is done taking their pictures the booth will immediately begin to print out a strip of the photos taken for the guest to take home as a souvenir.

What it means for your fundraiser/charity event

Mirror Me Photo Booth offers you as the host a unique, creative and fun way to raise money for your foundation or charity. This can be accomplished by charging guests to use the photo booth or to receive their photo strips. Doing so provides the guests with a fun and interactive way of donating money to your foundation or charity.

Renting a photo booth also offers you as the host cost-saving & revenue generating options. This can be accomplished by selling effective sponsor logo/message space on:

  1. All instant printed photos. We can add your main sponsors to the print-outs in a custom design and in return they pay or donate more to be in the hands & hearts of all your guests. Therefore, every guest who takes a photo strip home will not only have a memento of the event but also the most perfect advertisement from your sponsor which will last much longer than any other printed material.
  2. The Photo booth itself. Brand the exterior of the booth with a custom designed vinyl wrap and have your sponsors logos featured on all sides of the photo booth machine.
  3. Software. Give your top paying sponsor an extra outlet to brand the area all users will see, touch and interact with. Add your sponsor’s logo on the actual software of the photo booth where users press to start the booth!

All in all, renting a photo booth for your next fundraiser or charitable event may have an initial upfront cost but has the ability to make money & provides your guest with a fun, creative and memorable way help raise money and offer a fun experience to your guests.